Adventure Out!

Adventure Out! is a space to shop, prepare for your next trek or tour and learn about incorporating adventure and travel into your motorcycling lifestyle – now also including RVing! A central campsite, surrounded by exhibitors, acts as a place for education and discovery with experienced riders and RVers sharing their stories and tips. While there, be sure to enter Explorify's and Rider Magazine's sweepstakes for a chance to win a free 3-day motorcycle rental and a lifetime subscription to Rider Magazine. And pick up a copy of Rider Magazine, your source for touring, travel and adventure on 2-wheels.

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Adventure Out! Speakers:

Paul Pelland
Northern California, Chicago, Atlanta, & Southern California

Longhaulpaul is on a Million Mile Journey CHASING THE CURE for MS Fighting an often devastating and disabling diagnosis the only way he knows how, former Iron Butt Rally competitor Paul Longhaulpaul Pelland is truly riding for his life, attempting to document a million miles as he raises awareness and funds for Multiple Sclerosis. As a patient advocate, he shares his story at MS educational events and fundraisers; and as a long-distance rider and industry advocate, he presents entertaining and motivational seminars for motorcyclists and the general public across the United States. He organizes annual motorcycle fundraisers, writes for various magazines and over the last eight years has set three world records, ridden 450,000 miles and raised over $200,000 for charity.

You can follow Longhaulpaul’s journey on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Like, share, subscribe or get out the way, because Longhaulpaul is on a mission, Chasing The Cure!

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Bret Tkacs
Pennsylvania, Texas, Nashville, & Florida

Bret Tkacs has a unique way of training riders with his dynamic presentations and intimate understanding of the physics of riding. He studies the psychology of the rider and trains how to understand and overcome challenges such as harnessing fear. He is a world traveller, professional trainer, writer and well known YouTuber.

Follow Bret through his website or on Instagram or YouTube

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Lucinda Belden
Chicago, Pennsylvania, Texas, Nashville, Florida, & Atlanta

Lucinda writes for travel and motorcycle magazines and has a column in the motorcycle magazine - Ride Texas. She is an avid sidecarist and documents her travels on Facebook for Direction Wide Open and Twist Your Throttle. Since 2010 Lucinda has not only traversed the United States several times in an RV, riding her motorcycle as she goes. She has also travelled to more than 30 countries, over 340 cities and at least 187,579 miles on land and sea. Only 75% of the earth left to still cover!

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Ryan Turner

Ryan Turner is the field manager for Mosko Moto and an avid adventure motorcycle rider and traveler. At Mosko Moto, their motto is "tough gear, hard travel" and that is exemplified by everyone on the team. From hot desert sun to horizontal rain. Flying rocks, mud, dust, bugs, and sand. Rocky water crossings, rutted hills the team at Mosko Moto eat, sleep, and breathe adventure. As such, the Mosko team members are experts at packing motorcycles for a weekend or multi-week camping trips. Learn first-hand their tips and tricks to pack smart and live off a motorcycle in Adventure Out!  After this interactive session, you too can become an expert traveler and motorcycle vagabond!

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Andrew Muse
Northern California

Andrew Muse is a professional multi-sport athlete and adventure film-maker who's lived on the road for the better part of the last decade out of many different kinds of vehicles. Andrew is known for his aptitude for actions sports, wild lifestyle, and his series “Tiny Home Adventure”. The Tiny Home Adventure series consists of Andrew and his Dog Kicker living on the road and getting themselves into the wildest of adventures all across America. Most recently Andrew spent 2 years building an Expedition Vehicle from the fame up called the “MUSROAMER” which was been recently upgraded with a dirt bike! To learn more you can find Andrew on Instagram @Andrew__Muse or on YouTube.

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