21 Helmets Inked

21 Helmets Inked

Stop by and see this exclusive installation of 21 Helmets, a See See Motorcycles custom helmet show. This is the 1st nationwide tour of 21 Helmets and will  feature one-of-a-kind helmets designed by 21 tattoo artists from across the country. In addition to the traveling core display, Inked Magazine will be inviting 3 local tattoo artists to each show on the tour to do “live art” within the 21 Helmets exhibit — customizing helmets and taking attendees through the complete design process.


Saturday, February 20, 9am - 5pm
Artist Name: Andrew Montoya
Shop: 71 Tattoo in Albuquerque New Mexico
Instagram: @andrewmontoyatattoo
Bio: Montoya has been a tattoo artist since 2008 and works out of 71 Tattoos in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Design Heroes:  MC Escher and Alex Nunez
Inspiration for this piece: Japanese tattoo imagery, which is Montoya's favorite next to Chicano and American traditional.

Artist Name: Mike Strachan
Design Studio: Electric Black Creative
Instagram: @mike_strantera, @electric_black_creative
Bio: Strachan was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, and has lived in Southern California for the past 15 years.  He rencently started Electric Black Creative, an art and design studio specializing in Illustration and Creative Direction.
Design Heroes:  Strachan grew up as a big fan of Metal and Punk Rock and all the insane art that came with it.  Brian Schroeder (a.k.a. Pushhead) was and still is one of his biggest inspirations.

Sunday, February 21, 9am - 5pm
Artist Name: Eric DiCicco
Shop: Black Castle Art Co. in Peoria, AZ
Instagram: @Diciccotattoos
Bio: DiCicco originally hails from Detroit, Michigan and relocated to Arizona in 2008.  He has been an artist all his life and started tattooing 10 years ago.  DiCicco's hobbies are drawing, painting, tattooing, engraving and spending time with family and friends.  
Design Heroes:  DiCicco's favorite tattoo artist is Marshall Bennett and favorite artist is Caravaggio.

Friday, Feb. 12, 1pm-8pm | Saturday, February 13, 9am - 5pm
Artist Name: Uncle Trashcan
Shop: Ascension Custom Dermagraphics
Instagram: @uncle_trashcan
Bio: Justin Lynn has been tattooing for 14 years and building custom cars and motorcycles for nearly the same amount of time. Most of his inspiration comes from the heavy flake wild customs of the 60's and vintage choppers of the 70's. He enjoys the creative freedom of the builds from those eras, which is reflected in his own work. His tattoo inspirations tend to be a bit more dark, drawing a lot from occult memorbillia and curiosities his father collected when he was a kid.  Growing up surrounded by dark imagery and relics of another time pushed his artistic styling to a darker place.  Lately, Lynn has been doing more blackwork tattoos and would love to continue in that direction.
Design Heroes:  H.R. Giger and Big Daddy Ed Roth
Inspiration for this piece: H.R. Giger and 1970's style heavy flake panel paint

Sunday, February 14, 10am - 5pm
Artist Name: Adam Fox
Shop: Speakeasy Tattoo in Chicago, IL
Instagram: @adamfox
Bio: Tattooer and artist with a fine art background.
Design Heroes:  Alfons Mucha, Virgil Finlay, HR Giger, Frank Frazetta and Sailor Jerry
Inspiration for this piece: Keeping the rubber on the ground

Friday, Feb. 5, 3pm-8pm | Saturday, Feb. 6, 10am-6pm | Sunday, Feb. 7, 10am-4pm
Artist Name: Jesse Lopez
Tattoo Shop: Electric Land Tattoo
Instagram: @jesse23x
Bio: Jesse Lopez started airbrushing at the age of 14, doing t-shirts and then eventually moving on to cars and motorcycles.  He received an apprenticeship and started tattooing by the age of 28, which eventually led to openinig Electric Land Tattoo. 
Design Heroes:  Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo and Hajime Sorayama.
Inspiration for this piece: Dark Art and American inspired deisgns.

Friday, Jan. 29, 3pm-8pm
Artist Name: Gunnar Gaylord
Instagram: @artofgunnar
Bio: Gunnar Gaylord began his professional tattoo career in 1997 while attending college. In 2000 he opened a private studio/gallery called Gods and Monsters with another fellow artist. During this time period he created what became his signature style and quickly became internationally recognized as an innovator in the genre of New School tattooing. Gaylord’s style would best be described as cute and creepy, children book imagery. This notoriety helped launch his painting career. He was hired by Geffen records to paint the artwork for New Found Glory's gold album "Catalyst." He has exhibited in many group art shows and has had three successful solo shows. Gaylord continues to produce custom art driven tattoos, oil paintings and drawings. He currently owns a private studio/art gallery in Lancaster Ohio, where he paints, tattoos and teaches art to children and adults.  
Design Heroes:  Artistic influences include Norman Rockwell, Jack Davis, Todd Schorr and Bernie Wrightson.
Inspiration for this piece: The inspiration for his piece is a weathered old crow.  Illustrative, Cartoon, Dark.

Saturday, Jan. 30, 9:30am-5:30pm
Artist Name: Brian Harris
Instagram: @brianharristattoo
Tattoo Shop: Electric Tattoo Company
Bio: Brian Harris has been tattooing for seven years. He does airbrush and pinstriping as well as build and race motorcycles.
Saturday, Jan. 31, 9:30am-5:30pm
Artist Name: Scott Santee
Instagram: @santeeattack
Tattoo Shop: Momento Tattoo in Columbus, OH
Bio: Scott Santee is 32 years old and from from Cleveland, OH. He has been tattooing for 15 years and is a two wheel enthusiast.
Design Heroes:  Santee pulls a lot of inspiration from music. Pushead has been his artistic hero for a long time.
Inspiration for this piece: A retro look while adding a touch of ferocity.
Sunday, Jan. 30, 9:30am-5:00pm
Artist Name: Josh Scott
Instagram: @oldschoolhelmets
Shop: Old School Helmets
Bio: Josh Scott left an office job in 2007 to work with his hands building custom choppers and never looked back. He began painting in 2009 and felt that he found what he was always looking for, as far as satisfaction from working goes. Scott takes pride in the fact that he offers ALL aspects of custom paint from hand pinstriping/brush work to full on metal flake and candy paint jobs. This is how he makes a living and couldn't be happier.

Design Heroes:  Anyone who creates with their hands! Artists, welders, knife makers, clothing makers, photographers, writers, they are all his heroes.
Inspiration for this piece: Scott draws inspiration from just about anywhere. Other artists, vintage chopper paint, nature, the grocery store, his family. Whatever catches his eye!

Friday, Jan. 22, 4pm-8pm | Saturday, Jan. 23, 10am-8pm |
Sunday, Jan. 24, 10am-5pm

Artist Name: Rudy Hetzer IV
Instagram: @ARTBYRUDY
Tattoo Shop: Dallas Tattoo and Arts Company, in Dallas, TX
Bio: Rudy Hetzer IV is a profressional tattoo artist specializing in lettering, color and black and grey. With a background in graffiti, Hetzer IV, is also a professional painter with an emphasis on canvas and mural art. As seen on Best Ink season 3, his artwork has been in various industry media worldwide.

Design Heroes:  Tim Hendricks, Jeff Gogue, Alec Monopoly, and King Saladeen are some of the artists that inspire Hetzer IV's creating.
Inspiration for this piece: Bright pops of color with bold contrasting black and grey.

Artist Name: Darnell Waine
Instagram: @Darnellwaine
Tattoo Shop: Dallas Tattoo and Arts Company, in Dallas, TX
Bio: Darnell Waine was able to hone and protect his love for art from a young age despite growing up in a rough neighborhood of South Central L.A. Darnell went to art school for fashion design, but dropped out to pursue a career as a tattoo artist. Although he has only been tattooing for five years, Darnell is sought after for his portraits. He loves the challenge of working with various faces and bringing a two-dimensional image to life through his art. Darnell describes his career so far as "short but epic" and is always striving to be better.

Design Heroes:  Jeff Gogue and Casey Baugh are some of Waine's main inspirations.
Inspiration for this piece: Life's emotions.

Friday, Jan. 8, 3pm-7pm

Artist Name: Neil NelsonNeil Nelson
Instagram: @thedarkestseason
Tattoo Shop: Ascension Tattoo in Orlando, FL
Bio: Neil Nelson started tattooing in 2001 and has been working at Ascension Tattoo since 2008. He specializes in neo-traditional, blank and grey realism and occult tattoos. As a painter and illustrator he specializes in character design (concept art), and occult paintings and works of art. He has been a student of the occult since he can remember and usually integrates some kind of mythology, religion or belief into his artwork and tattoos (especially crows, ravens, and pretty and spooky ladies adorned in dark jewelry). He also specializes in custom sigil tattoos (spellcraft) that he feels is a sort of calling for him.
Design Heroes:  Neil's influences span a wide variety of art and artists. He is influenced by everything from neo-traditional tattooing to stylized and illustrative work. As far as non-tattoo art, he is influenced by many artists, including classics, such as Gustave Dore, to modern concept artists, illustrators and painters.
Inspiration for this piece: Neil will most likely bring a sense of darkness to his painting and incorporate crows and beautiful witches and sirens or  something demonesque, like evil looking bio-mechanical. He tries to not put too much thought into the set-up, as he finds the imagery to be more organic that way.

Saturday, Jan. 9, 10:30am-6:30pm

Artist Name: Nik Natas
Instagram: @Niknatas
Tattoo Shop: Ascension Tattoo in Orlando, FL
Bio: Nik Natas has been tattooing atAscension Tattoo in Orlando, FL for seven years. He specializes in dotwork, mandals, black and grey, illustrative and realisim. He enjoys tattooing most forms and tries to not let a specific style determine who he is. He has been painting in oils for nearly two decades and has been featured with companies such as Steadfast Brand and has had several art showings, including a solo showcase in the Orlando area. His paintings are of hyper realism nudes with colorful and dark themes.
Design Heroes:  Fellow tattooers Jeff Gogue, Corey Divine, Justin Hartman and many more.
Inspiration for this piece: The human form with some spiritual aspects.



Friday, Dec. 11, 2pm-9pm
Artist Name: Kenny K-Bar
Instagram: @tattoosbykbar
Tattoo Shop: Leathernecks Tattoo
Bio: Kenny K-Bar is from Brooklyn and started tattooing almost 8 years ago. He has been an artist since he could hold a pencil. He specializes in photo realism and likes to do comic book style art.
Design Heroes:  Kenny is inspired by Alex Ross, Hildabrandt Bria, and Jim Lee.
Inspiration for this piece: Realism
Saturday, Dec. 12, 9am-5pm
Artist Name: Rich Bustamante
Instagram: @bustattoo 
Tattoo Shop: Leathernecks Tattoo
Bio: Rich Bustamante is a New Jersey native who has been tattooing for almost 20 years now. Rich likes to do colorful realistic pieces and also enjoys doing his own original artwork. He travels around the world doing conventions.
Design Hero: Rich's artist hero is Bugs
Sunday, Dec. 13, 9am-5pm
Artist Name: Gerald Feliciano
Instagram: @geraldfeliciano
Bio: Gerald Feliciano is from Brooklyn and learned to tattoo in Virginia. He specializes in art nouveau style pieces doing both minis and full back/leg pieces, Gerald likes to create his own original works of art for each tattoo he does.
Design Hereos: Gerald is most inspired by his peers.
Inspiration for this piece: Art Nouveau style


Friday, 3pm - 8pm / Saturday, 10:30am - 6:30pm,  Sunday 10:00a-5:00p
Artist Name: Gustavo Rimada (@arte_de_gustavo)
Bio: I was born in Torreon Mexico, grew up in Indio, Ca. Art was always a part of my life. Even as a little kid I was constantly drawing. I spent three years in the US Army as an infantryman. After leaving the military and taking some time to soul search I realized my true passion for painting. My work is inspired by the love I have for my Mexican heritage, the tattoo art world and the imagery of pop culture. I truly eat, breath and sleep art.
Tattoo/Design Heroes: Frida Kahlo 
Design inspiration for your piece: Inspiration for this weekends pieces are birds, roses and skulls


Friday, 4pm - 8pm / Saturday, 10am - 2pm:

Artist Name: Butch Felix (@butchfelix100)
Shop: Legacy Tattoo in Sacramento, CA
Tattooing for 18 year's. Specializing in black and grey / fine line, traditional application tattoos, Americana, traditional Japanese and traditional Chicano fine line. I have tattooed all over the US of A, mainly up and down the west coast. I enjoy all mediums of art, tattoo as often as I can and paint whenever I'm not tattooing and being a dad.
Design Heroes: Well there's too many to name honestly. Let's just say my heroes of tattooing are all those who came before me and have paved the way. 
Inspiration: My design will be inspired by a 70's theme. Hand painted style and hot rodish.

Saturday, 10am - 6pm:

Artist Name: Jason Sheffield (@tattoos_by_jason)
Shop: Legacy Tattoo in Sacramento, CA
Jason was born in Sacramento in 1976 and has lived there ever since. Although his passion for art began at a young age, he wasn't pursuing art as a career until he received his apprenticeship in 2000. Beside tattooing, he has taken commissions for a variety of other art projects including portraits, canvas paintings, skate decks, T-shirt design, business card design, photo retouch, 3d design, 3d animation, and web graphics. He has attended some college level art classes, local drawing groups, and a variety of art/tattoo seminars. He currently works with a group of amazing artists at Legacy Tattoo.
Design Heroes: Jeff Gogue, Nick Baxter, James Tex, Timmy B, Kelly Doty, Matt Lambdin, Hevamech, Edgar Marquez, Koan, Victor Chill, and many, many more.
Inspiration: Possibly Japanese "Noh" masks or Biomechanical design.

Sunday, 10am - 5pm:

Artist Name: Miriam Mirastchiksi (@Pseduo5)
Type of Artist: Graphic Designer
Bio: Miriam is a Bay Area illustrator who works in a graphic style. Her intuitive approach to color and design is based on pulling the viewer into an image they weren't expecting. Miriam's sense of humor comes across in her work and is her number one motivation. Her excitement for illustration started with classic cartoons as a child and has grown to include symbolism,  folk art, pop culture, puns and good ol' fashioned FUN!
Design Heroes: Joey Cassina of Ocean Avenue Tattoo in San Francisco

Inspiration: Kustom Kulture and Classic Cartoons 


Saturday, 10am - 6pm:

Artist Name: Bacon (@bacon_tattoos)
Tattoo Shop: Inspired Ink in Portland, Oregon
Bio: 15 years tattooing with deep roots being around tattoo shops my whole life.  I'm from Des Moines, Iowa and moved to Portland in 2011 to further my career working with folks like Joshua Hibbard and James Kern. I love tattooing bright and beautiful work with realistic lighting techniques and focus on flow. I really try and sink my teeth into any type of tattoo a client may bring to the table; applying my own ideas and style to give it that unique look everyone wants with their tattoos. 

Tattoo/Design Heroes: I'd say my mentors are Cool Aid and Adam Clark first and foremost.  They took time out of their lives and schedules to show me the ropes in the tattoo industry. I carry the utmost respect for the both of them and without their guidance I would not be on this life's path.  People like James Tex and Steve Moore are also giants in my eyes. Their use of color and the human body is unlike anything Iv'e ever seen!  Also, my business partner Joshua Hibbard, for taking a chance and teaming up to make great art!
Inspiration for this project:  Psychedelic color with geometric patterns, maybe even a biomech. I'll base my idea more on the shape of the helmet!

Artist Name: Christopher Rice (@electricfresco) / Facebook: facebook.com/dogsinthealley
Tattoo Shop: Forbidden Body Art (Forbiddinbodyart.org)
Bio: Chris is a thoughtful dissenter working in charcoal, oil paint, spray paint and tattoo machines.
Tattoo/Design Heroes: Chris's hand is strongly influenced by Young Jarus and Aesop Rock. 

Inspiration for this project: The inspiration for Christopher's helmet design was the documentary film "Rubble Kings".

Sunday, 9am - 5pm:

Artist Name: Johnny Smith (@johnnysmithart)
Tattoo Shop: Sweetwater Collective in Jacksonville, Oregon
Bio: Originally from South Mississippi, I relocated to Oregon about 10 years ago and started learning as much as I could about fine art, and tattooing. Since then I've have the the great opportunity of working with some of the best artists in the industry, and traveled all over the world doing so. My style is heavily inspired by Art Nouveau and feminine subjects.
Tattoo/Design Heroes: Some of my biggest influences lately would be movie poster artist Drew Struzan, and tattooer Jeff Gogue, who I was fortunate enough to work with over the past few years.

Inspiration for this project:  The design inspiration for this project, is my spin on flash tattoo style, with lots of color and movement.