DART Asia Tours Expands Clientele in Adventure Out!

DART Asia Tours Expands Clientele in Adventure Out!

We caught up with DART ASIA after the 2018/19 tour to find out what they thought about their experience exhibiting in Adventure Out. 


DART ASIA (Ducati Adventure Rides Thailand) is a motorcycle touring company based out of Chiang Mai, Thailand and offers adventurous travelers unique motorcycle focused packages that take travelers around Thailand’s famous Golden Triangle  on Ducati Multistrada or Scrambler motorcycles. With varied packages, travelers can experience Thai culture over 3 days to 9 full day tours. In an effort to expand their reach to an international market, DART Asia Tours chose to exhibit in the Adventure Out space across 3 shows during the 2018-19 Tour.  



DART Asia Tours was looking for a way to tap into the US market of motorcyclists, to meet prospective customers and learn more about their 2-wheeled travel interests. 

“We provide an amazing opportunity to ride in Northern Thailand and experience it’s great culture on high-end motorcycles,” said Kevin Merrell of DART Asia Tours. “Tourism in Thailand is a major source of business and there is a growing number of enthusiastic motorcyclists here in the US looking for that next adventure. In order to garner real interest, we knew we would need to put ourselves in front of real motorcyclists.”

THE SOLUTION - Adventure Out!
With adventure motorcycles becoming one of the fastest growing segments in the world of motorcycling and an interest in encouraging more 2-wheel travel, IMS developed Adventure Out!. The space explores the many facets of traveling by motorcycle through education, products, services and a sense of communityAdventure and Touring related brands surround the space and offer motorcyclists a one-stop shop for their next trek or tour.


DART Asia chose to exhibit in the Adventure Out! space to reach this very specific segment of motorcyclists interested in adventure riding. They started with a 10 x 10 booth at the Long Beach show and later expanded to the New York and Chicago shows.  A female DART Asia tour guide from Thailand and male US representative ran the booth by conversing with customers and showing video of their tours. Having a female rider in the booth proved to be a successful way to attract female attendees and engage them about DART Asia. 


After DART ASIA exhibited at Adventure Out for the first time, they found positive return on their investment and opportunities to boost participants in their international tourism business.

“Being able to have these necessary face-to-face interactions with attendees allowed us to promote our product at IMS. By utilizing Adventure Out! it enabled us an opportunity and environment to reach motorcyclists in the US market who are eager to travel,” said Merrell. “Our experience and the response to our tours were so great we look forward to participating in more shows along the IMS tour in 2019 and 2020.”  


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