Exhibitor FAQ

Exhibitor FAQ


  • Exhibitors will have the ability to rent tables, chairs, canopies, and tents.

  • Barrels and cinder blocks can be rented through a preferred tent vendor or venue.

  • The rates for these items will vary by market. Details regarding rentals will be found in the Exhibitor Service Manual, beginning April 26.



  • Targeted Move-In for pre-determined exhibitors will be on Wednesdays. If you need extra time to set-up your exhibit, please contact your sales rep.

  • If a trailer or RV is part of your booth display, plan to place your trailer or RV by 1pm on Wednesday of each show. During move out, be prepared to wait a minimum of 4 hours to remove your trailer or RV display.

  • Standard Move-In will be on Thursday and Friday.

  • Move out will begin at show close on Sunday and end by noon Monday.

  • Event hours will be included in the Exhibitor Service Manual beginning April 26th.



  • Show Management will provide security services during move in, move out, and non-show hours for general safety and security purposes only. Overnight security will be securing the premises at each show.

  • During all show hours, exhibitors are responsible for securing their product and valuables.



  • IMS Outdoors will make every effort to place a vendor parking area close to the exhibit areas. This will not always be possible. In venues where vendor parking is not easily accessed from the exhibit areas, accommodations will be made to allow exhibitors to load/unload product prior to show opening daily.

  • There will be general parking for RV’s, but camping and sleeping are strictly prohibited.

  • More information will be outlined in the Exhibitor Service Manual for each show.







  • Food and beverage will be offered for sale at every show. Personal food and non-alcoholic consumption is allowed within your booth.



  • All service animals are allowed on the grounds based on state and national ADA laws. They must always remain on a leash and owners are required to clean up after their pet.

  • Pets are allowed in the campgrounds and must always be on a leash while outdoors.



  • In the event of inclement weather, show management will make the decision to ensure the safety of all show guests.



  • Exhibitors will be responsible for following and adhering to all Covid-19 restrictions, including and not limited to disinfecting your own booth space.

  • Progressive IMS Outdoors will follow the Informa All Secure protocols and any required city or state guidelines. For more information, please visit our Informa AllSecure page.


If you have additional questions or wish to learn more:
Contact Christina Anders, Sales Coordinator, at [email protected]