Featured Photographers Series: Amos and Luke Adams

Featured Photographers Series: Amos and Luke Adams

“All art should inspire and evoke emotion. Art should be something you can actually feel.” - Charles DeRubeis

Motorcycling has always given off an air of romanticism . Whether it's a lust for freedom, the open road, rebellion by harnessing a machine deemed dangerous by society, or the comradery of fellow riders. There’s no shortage of reasons that explain our  draw to motorcycling.

For nearly all of us, there is a defining moment that began our love affair with motorcycles. For some it could have been a photograph, a scene in a movie, a moment in life where a motorcycle left an indelible mark.

The advent of social media has given many talented commercial and lifestyle photographers an instant outlet and ability to showcase their work while influencing and shaping the modern image of motorcycling. It's important to recognize these talented creatives and the impact their contribution of art has on our industry.

From Amos and Luke:

Growing up in small town Indiana, we spent a lot of time exploring the woods and fields surrounding our house. We bring that same form of exploration to our moto riding, and it’s the real reason we ride scramblers.

When we were pretty young, our parents bought a camcorder and that kick started our love of story telling and making videos. This was before cell phones and youtube, so everything we did was just for fun and just for us. We’d spend hours making all kinds of videos with our neighborhood friends. Since then we’ve moved to different cities; Amos is a photographer and builder in Charleston, SC, and I’m a filmmaker and musician in Washington, DC. Motorcycles have become an extension of our visual collaboration. We started Scrambler Brothers as a way to keep creating together, having fun, and documenting our trips along the way. But really, it just gives us more of a reason to meet up and go for a ride.

-Luke and Amos Adams

Scrambler Brothers

To see more of thier work visit www.scramblerbrothers.com

Or follow them on Instagram @ScramblerBrothers

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