Featured Photographers Series: Erik Jutras

Featured Photographers Series: Erik Jutras

“All art should inspire and evoke emotion. Art should be something you can actually feel.” - Charles DeRubeis

Motorcycling has always given off an air of romanticism . Whether it's a lust for freedom, the open road, rebellion by harnessing a machine deemed dangerous by society, or the comradery of fellow riders. There’s no shortage of reasons that explain our  draw to motorcycling.

For nearly all of us, there is a defining moment that began our love affair with motorcycles. For some it could have been a photograph, a scene in a movie, a moment in life where a motorcycle left an indelible mark.

The advent of social media has given many talented commercial and lifestyle photographers an instant outlet and ability to showcase their work while influencing and shaping the modern image of motorcycling. It's important to recognize these talented creatives and the impact their contribution of art has on our industry.

Erik Jutras

Born in Los Angeles, and raised in Montréal, Erik Jutras (aka Mr. Pixelhead) got an early start on his artistic path, as he became creatively influenced by his constant change in surroundings. Living in contrasting environments sparked his eclectic interests and ignited his art making, expressed through the mediums of illustration, painting, visual design and photography. Specifically during his years in college, he became captivated by documenting the world through his beloved camera lenses. Practicing both analog and digital disciplines, he tirelessly strives to capture new portraiture, landscapes and urbex photography.

Soon after moving to San Francisco, he discovered the endless thrills of riding motorcycles and became increasingly embedded within a moto community that championed his same passions. It didn’t take long before he set his focus on capturing the unforgettable experiences and solid friendships that motorcycling offered. The open throttle often leads him to high speed adventures that provide him the perfect shot, often from behind the handlebars of his Scrambler. Having built those lasting relationships within the moto community, Erik is also co-host of #TheMotoSocialSanFrancisco along with his fiancée Sarah.

He hopes you’ll enjoy his photographs of motorcycle culture that embrace the nostalgia of yesteryear and pay homage to the invincibility, love, and magic of two wheeled machines and the places they take us.  

You can see more of Erik's work at: http://www.erikjutras.com/ & http://www.mrpixelhead.com

Or follow him on Instagram @mrpixelhead

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