How To Prepare for Your Motorcycle Training Course

How To Prepare for Your Motorcycle Training Course

Learning how to ride a motorcycle is a bucket list item for many people. Others see it as a way to challenge themselves or enjoy travel in a new and more exciting way. Some of us are just fed up with being stuck in traffic. There are numerous reasons as to why you may want to learn how to ride a motorcycle but the best way to learn is to take the beginner Motorcycle Training Course.

If you have not yet found a motorcycle training site in your area. Click here for a list of schools courtesy of Total Control Training.

What is provided when you take a motorcycle licensing course?

It is safe to say all sites will provide you with a motorcycle to learn on for the first time. Many will offer you a helmet and gloves but there are a few items you need to come to the class with that you may already have in your closet.

- Long sleeve shirt

- Long durable pants like jeans or Dickies. No slacks or lightweight pants. All garments should have no holes.

- Closed toed shoes that go over the ankle. Work boots or hiking boots are great. Motorcycle specific boots are best. 

Prepare Yourself Mentally and Physically

You are about to learn how to ride a motorcycle. You might be nervous and that is ok because learning something new often means getting out of your comfort zone. However it’s been proven that we grow when we challenge ourselves.

Dress appropriately or you won’t be able ride.
Wear, over the ankle boots, long durable pants (jeans, dickies, etc..), and a long sleeve shirt. If you wish to wear motorcycle specific gear, it is recommended and encouraged. Also remember, motorcycle classes run rain or shine. Check the forecast!  

Bring water and snacks
You are engaging in a physical and mental activity and it is wise to stay hydrated and fed throughout the day, especially when it comes time to take your licensing exam. 

A positive attitude goes a long way and don’t get discouraged.
Remember you are learning a whole new physical skill, nobody has ever become an expert rider in one day, everything you learn will lay the foundation for your success as a rider for the rest of your life.

Ask questions
Remember, you are there to learn. One of the best ways to learn is to be curious and ask relevant questions. Your instructors love motorcycles and they want you to love it too!

We would not be riding motorcycles if they were not fun. These machines are really really fun.

The skills you learn in a beginner class need to be practiced regularly after completing the course. Becoming a motorcyclist is a lot like practicing a martial art, learning the correct techniques takes a lot of time and repetition. The rewards of that practice will become apparent as you do it more. Also consider taking an intermediate training class or advanced training class
shortly after getting your license to reinforce and further develop your skills. The best investment in motorcycling is an investment in yourself as a rider.