Media Tips

Media Tips

The Progressive® International Motorcycle Shows® issues approximately 600 press credentials across the tour to endemic and mainstream outlets that are interested in covering IMS and it's exhibiting brands.  Maximize your time at the show(s) by mapping out your brand's publicity strategy and getting your message out to the appropriate press people before, during and after the show.

A list of pre-registered press is avialable to all exhibitors in good standing approximately two weeks before each show.  To request the list, email [email protected].

Exhibitor Announcement Blog Post
If your company is announcing a new product leading up to or at IMS Tour, we can help you increase exposure through a blog post detailing exhibitor news.

To submit, please fill out the form at The deadline to participate is Thursday, November 1, 2018. Please note that submissions cannot exceed 50 words and no marketing copy will be considered. If you would like to participate in this opportunity but not release specific details of your announcement, we can accommodate you.

Need help developing your publicity campaign?  Check out these eight steps:

Step 1: Define your goal 
Determine what you are trying to achieve with the publicity campaign.

Step 2: Define the target audience 
What type of media do you want to reach with your campaign?  Is it regional or national news?  Are you trying to reach the general public or the powersports industry?  Would TV be appropriate or only print and digital?  Your brand's story may not be of interest to all outlets, so it is best to do your research ahead of time to learn what media outlets cover stories like yours. 

Step 3: Craft the message  
Express what you want your audience to understand in a few simple sentances that is easy for anyone to understand.

Step 4: Develop your story
Now that you know what your message is and who you want to tell it to, it's time to create a story that is newsworthy to your audience in the form of a press release.  Include any compeling research or stats relative to your story and quotes from prominient people in the industry, senior staff members or testimonials from customers.  A background on your brand at the end of a press release and accompanying pictures will also help to convey the story. 

Step 5: Find a "Hook"
Why should the press be talking about your brand's story now?  A "hook" is something that makes the story relevant and newsworthy NOW, such as releasing the story on your brand's anniversary or the day before the product launches.

Step 6: Contact the media
Get in touch with your target audience before the show to let them know that your brand will be there and why they should visit you.  Think about hosting press for a special presentation in your booth and inform them of any photo opportunities.  Blast our your press release when the timing is right and follow-up with the appropriate contacts to gain interest pre-show.

Step 7: Come prepared to the show 
Aside from trying to set-up appointments or extend invitations in advance to press attending the show, come prepared with press kits and a few extra samples (if applicable).  

Step 8: Follow-up
Follow-up with any press people you met after the show and build upon the connections made.