Discover The Ride

Discover The Ride

Discover the Ride by IMS is a forward-thinking initiative designed to serve and support the entire motorsports industry. This approachable motorcycling experience is primarily designed for non-riders and is the only program in the market that allows a non-licensed motorcyclist to “Discover the Ride”. Participants are invited to immerse themselves in the world of motorcycling though an adult riding course, Kids Zone, New To 2 presentations, and more.  

On its first IMS Tour in 2018-19, nearly 8,000 attendees experienced Discover The Ride, with more than 1/4 of adults being new to motorcycling. Key endemic and business media outlets quickly took note of Discover The Ride's efforts, resulting in over 63 million impressions for the initiative. Check out the coverage here.  The results are clear, Discover The Ride by IMS has succeeded in bridging the gap for non-riders to experience the thrill of 2-wheels!

Following Discover The Ride's successful implementation on 2018-19 IMS Tour, an extension of the program, called "Next Steps", was developed to help new riders get trained and formally licensed.  Together with local training schools, IMS sponsored motorcycle training courses will encourage new riders to continue their education after taking the Discover The Ride: New Rider Course.


Discover The Ride: Next Steps

Following each IMS Outdoors event, a Discover the Ride: Next Steps course will award four Discover The Ride participants a motorcycle training course for FREE and discounted pricing for subsequent participants. For more information visit Discover The Ride at your local IMS Outdoors event.

Discover The Ride at IMS Outdoors 2021
Stay Tuned! Tour Schedule Announcement Coming December 4th, 2020 


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